Bankruptcy Information

One of the best things about practicing law is that each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn.  While many cases are similar each one is unique.  Nobody wants to go to a lawyer who is just learning his way around the courtroom, and nobody wants a lawyer who fails to utilize the latest technolgy to provide legal services efficiently and at a fair price.

I was licensed to practice in the State of Colorado and the Federal Courts of Colorado in 1981.  For several years after that I worked on energy policy matters with the Governors offices in 16 western states.  I worked in a legal partnership for several years from 1986 until I became a solo practitioner in 1995.

About the same time, (1989) I was appointed to the Panel of Bankruptcy Trustees for the District of Colorado.  As a Bankruptcy Trustee I have been assigned from 30 to 120 cases per month to review, conduct hearings, and administer as necessary.  In this flow of cases one would think that every situation, every trick, every angle would have presented itself, but things continue to evolve and change.

Being a bankruptcy trustee does not prevent me from putting on a different hat and sitting on the other side of the desk, with private clients.  By representing individuals and businesses as they go through bankruptcy I bring a balance to my work, understanding the challenges individuals face and also understanding the Trustee mindset that they must deal with for a successful outcome in their case.