Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy is a complex process handled in the federal courts which can provide substantial benefits to people with serious debt problems.

Bankruptcy is usually a voluntary process in which an individual chooses to seek the protection of the bankruptcy court from the collection efforts of creditors.

Because most bankruptcy cases are successful in getting debts discharged many people have come to believe that it is a simple matter of filing out forms and completing a simple process, something that they can do without the assistance of an attorney.  You probably don't change the oil in your car without assistance, you would not consider operating on yourself, and you should not consider doing a bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney.

More in depth information is available in a forthcoming book I have written on consumer bankrutpcy.  Once it is published a link to it will be available here.

Federal law dictates that those providing legal services to debtors in bankrutpcy call themselves a  Debt Relief Agency.  And if the feds say that's what I am, that's what I am.